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The validation procedure is based on the process steps of the EU Council recommendation on validating non-formal and informal learning:

  • Identification
  • Documentation
  • Assessment
  • Certification


The process steps are carried out as follows:

  • Information and advice (identification):

During a consultation interview, the interested person first receives information about the procedure, the documents needed for the procedure and support in choosing the relevant reference occupation. The reference occupation corresponds to a vocational qualification. The procedure then continues to evaluate the extent to which the person's skills are sufficient for the chosen reference occupation.

  • Documentation:

To get a first overview of their existing skills, the interested person completes a CV. With the help of a self-assessment sheet, the interested person then reflects on the skills he or she has acquired with regards to the reference occupation selected. The self assessment is the basis for the decision, if the person will show every task area of the reference qualification at the assessment or only some task areas. The participant receives support in completing the documents during the consultation.

  • Assessment:

As soon as all of the documents have been completed, the participant applies to take part in the validation procedure. The application documents are then evaluated by the chamber. After that the chamber gives all documents to an expert who will conduct the assessement.

The external assessment is carried out by experts. Various practical means can be used in the external assessment. These include work samples, specialist interviews or trial periods in a company.

The result of the external assessment is passed on to the responsible chamber.

  • Certification:

Depending on the result of the procedure, the chamber issues a validation certificate that attests full or partial equivalence with the reference occupation.

The document „In 10 Schritten zum Validierungszertifikat“ explains how the procedure works (available only in German).

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