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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have heard of ValiKom. What does it actually entail?

ValiKom stands for the validation of informally and non-formally acquired skills. The project is aimed at those without vocational qualifications as well as those with a vocational qualification but who are working in a job other than the one for which they are qualified (career changers). These people can have the skills, abilities and knowledge acquired in working life assessed and identified in a standardised process. At the end, they receive a certificate that attests the extent to which their individually acquired skills correspond to a current German vocational qualification. Click here for more detailed information on how the process works.

Can anyone take part in the validation procedure?

Anyone without vocational qualifications, but with sufficient working experience can take part. The project is aimed at those who have acquired abilities and skills in their everyday working life but who cannot provide proof of this with a qualification certificate. The procedure is also aimed at those with a vocational qualification, but who are working in a job other than the one in which they are qualified (career changers). To be able to take part in the procedure, participants must be at least 25 years old.

Where should I register if I am interested in the validation procedure?

Please register with one of the participating chambers. The contact addresses can be found here

(From) When can I take part in a procedure of this kind?

Please ask your responsible chamber if it is possible to take part. More information on this can be found here.

How good does my knowledge of German have to be to take part in the procedure?

The validation procedure is conducted in the German language. Participants should therefore have a basic knowledge of German and be familiar with the technical terminology of their field of work.

 In which fields is the validation procedure being conducted?

During the trial phase, the procedure is mainly being conducted in specific occupations. You can find a list of these occupations here. If required, the trial can be expanded to include other occupations if these correspond to the scope of responsibility of the Chambers of Skilled Crafts or Chambers of Trade and Industry.