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How can I take part?

1. Contact your local adviser
Get in touch with your local adviser by telephone, post or by email. You and your adviser will then discuss whether ValiKom is the right procedure for you.

2. Consultation
The procedure and what happens next will be explained to you in more detail.
It also covers the "reference occupation". This is the occupation that is compared with your abilities. Together, you think about which occupation could be the right one for you. 

3. Describe your abilities
Give brief details on

  • what you have learned during your everyday working life.
  • what type of basic and further training you have completed,
  • and perhaps what you have learned for your job outside of work.

Your adviser will support you through this process.

4. Identify your reference occupation
At this point you will identify which occupation matches your experience and skills. If you need help during this step, your adviser will be happy to help.

5. Compare your skills with what the occupation entails
You state

  • which aspects of the occupation you have already done and
  • how well you can do these tasks.

Your adviser will support you in this, too.

6. Submit your application documents
Send your documents to the chamber. The chamber will contact you to discuss what happens next.

7. Invitation to a consultation interview for external assessment
For the external assessment, you will demonstrate to experts that you can carry out the tasks stated in your application form.
An expert will explain the external assessment process to you during the consultation interview.
After the interview, you specify which tasks should be observed. Only tasks that you have successfully demonstrated will then appear on the certificate.

8. Take part in the external assessment
During the external assessment you are given practical tasks to complete while being observed by experts.

9. Receive a validation certificate
The certificate shows which aspects of the occupation you can do.

Are you interested in taking part in a validation procedure, or do you know someone who may be interested?
Please get in touch with your local adviser.

Need more information?
Click here for answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any more questions, please get in touch with our advisers